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Welcome to First Baptist

History of FBC Franklin

On December 2, 1842.  Elders, Robert Fleming and Mitchell Bennett, along with James Davis, James Purlin, and Jessie Moon, plus 37 charter members, met and organized the Franklin Baptist Church.


The first church building was soon constructed in an oak grove on the east side of Newnan Street in Franklin. Heard County was 12 years old, and its inhabitants were experiencing many hardships, many of which characterized the life of FBC as they prayed for divine guidance.

In 1885, the church decided that it should be housed in a more central location.  It’s members purchased the property where the present church now stands on Main Street and set about the task of moving the building a distance of one-half mile.  Moving the building required all the resources possible.  The building was placed on logs and then rolled along as the men pushed by hand while teams of horses pulled the structure.  After several days of hard work, the building was placed on the lot where it currently stands. It remained the place of worship until 1908.  At that time, the building was again placed on logs and rolled to the rear of the lot. The basis of the present building that houses the auditorium was then constructed and remained that way until 1950 when the brick annex was added.


Always doctrinally conservative, the church continued to draw visitors through the years. The rest of the twentieth century saw the church lead fruitful ministries that reached out beyond the walls of the church into the community and began to set a pace for evangelism and impact as a church that characterized the culture of the church and its people in lasting ways. As the church and its ministries grew, the church saw fit to expand its campus throughout the years to meet its growing needs. Space for discipleship and sports outreach has been added and the current campus of the church is served well by its location and facilities.


FBC Franklin has gone through highs and lows as a congregation and has sought to honor Jesus and serve him in obedience to his Word. The dreams and prayers of a few in 1842 has persevered through time and will continue to serve the Lord until his return. FBC has renewed its commitment to the principles of God’s Word embraced by our founding members. FBC rejoices in the grace of God that has sustained a congregation throughout its existence and is leading his church into the future with his glory and purposes in mind! 

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