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Welcome to First Baptist

Friends of FBC Franklin,


Let me take a moment to welcome you on behalf of our church to this site. We hope that this site will share helpful and important information about the details and life FBC Franklin. Maybe the most important thing we could say about our church is that it belongs to God and exists ultimately for the glory of God. This belief guides everything we do and strive to be as a church.


FBC Franklin is not a perfect church and will never be filled with perfect people. We confess our great need for the Lord in every aspect of our personal lives, families, and especially our church. What you will find at FBC is a pursuit to know God, worship God, and live in obedience to God. We will strive to do all we do in accordance with God’s Word walking each step of the way pursuing obedience to what is shown to us in the Bible. We are thankful for the rich history of God’s faithfulness at our church and are excited about the days ahead!


As a part of our mission we aim to see people come to faith in Jesus, grow in their relationship with Him, and mobilize people to serve Him from Franklin to the uttermost parts of the globe. To accomplish this as a church we must stay focused and busy. Let me offer you an invitation to be apart of this work with us! We would welcome you and I would love to talk further about how you might find a home at FBC Franklin. Whether it is FBC Franklin, or another place , pray that God would show you where to commit yourself to His people in His service.


In Christ,

Andrew Owensby

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